Tax Consulting

Corporate Tax

We advise Peruvian and foreign companies on various aspects of their of business, including tax assessment of the economic operations in their line of business and those related to projects to expand, downsize or restructure, and identify opportunities and potential contingencies.

Financial Market Taxation

Our lawyers are specialized in financial operations in the stock market, derivative market and related products and in taxation of financial intermediaries, investment, pension and trust funds. In addition, we provide tax advisory services on complex national and international financial operations.

Economic Groups Taxation

We excel in international tax advisory services and have a team that is qualified to solve cases involving economic groups. We provide consulting services on complex tax proceedings and audits before the Peruvian tax agency – SUNAT – regarding the application of transfer pricing regulations.

Technology Taxes

Our lawyers are experienced in legal representation of companies in the new technology industry, in cases before SUNAT and the Tax Court regarding taxation of digital services, technical assistance, royalties, software, and other e-commerce and IT-related operations.


We represent our clients’ interests before the administrative and judicial authorities in tax disputes regarding local and international operations, and provide the necessary legal support to obtain the most effective results.

The combination of our lawyers’ experience in the public and private sectors allows us to:

  • efficiently represent our clients in auditing proceedings,
  • formulate effective defense strategies,
  • defend our clients’ interests by submitting timely and effective evidence,
  • defend cases, based on a thorough knowledge of the tax issues in dispute.


We support our individual and corporate clients in seeking the most efficient alternatives to develop their business and optimize their personal wealth, while ensuring strict compliance with applicable legislation.


We advise our clients on full compliance with their tax obligations in order to prevent non-compliance and potential administrative measures or tax penalties.